Polaris IRC 2001 V5.0 Is Out


Polaris IRC Is A Full Featured Script That Allow You To Share Files With Other People On IRC Networks By Advertising A File-Server,XDCC,TDCC,And Even FTP, These Can Be Accessed By Text Triggers And CTCP Triggers Polaris IRC Also Including: Private And Channel Protections,Spam Killer,DCC Booster,User List Control,Search And Locator Triggers That Allowing People To Search A File In Your Shared Directory,Auto-Voice Other Fservers Or FTP,Easy Menu For IRC Networks Services,And Even More... So Enjoy This Version

Polaris IRC Using mIRC 5.9 32Bit The Best IRC Client Ever made


Download Links: ( ||| Fast - ||| Avarage - ||| Slow - ||| Offline )

Polaris IRC 2001 V5.0 From Yahoo!

Polaris IRC 2001 V5.0 From FreeWebz

Polaris IRC 2001 V5.0 From Xcalibre (Right Click Here And Choose Save Target As...)